Blakes Tiny House is now officially transitioning into SAIL, and is seeking its first customers. If you would like to be one of the first owners please get in contact with us.

Phone: 507-358-3124
A couple months ago Blake's Tiny house started to get back on track. I decided on creating a flip up portion of the home in order to add a shading element. The structure will now be aluminum framed. The exterior will be a embossed or textured metal panel. Like the ones Dri-design makes ( Readers let me know if there is a similar manufacture in Colorado. Lastly there is a new pull out table under the stairs. 

I was and still am planning to build this summer. But last month I broke my fibula and tibia. I snapped though both of them cleanly playing basketball. 
That being said, the show must go on. We are supper swamped with work at F9 Productions, but I am still committed to building this baby! Healing is going well and next Tuesday (4/16/2013) I will have an updated from the Doc.!
In honor of this weeks daylight savings time adjustment we offer this time-warp video showing our progress.   
While stumbling my way through the internet, I came across this list of "space saving" chairs from This Old House.

The list is diverse, with some unique designs as well as old favorites (such as the Papton chair, shown at left, made from a single piece of card folded cardboard).

The practicality of some designs is questionable and most likely none of them will end up in Blake's Tiny House, but it is certainly fun to take a look.


While reading the book At Home by Bill Bryson,  I have been thinking about is how little the word "home" is used in everyday conversation.  Usually it is only mentioned in a phrase like, "I'm going home" or "I need to pick/drop something off at home" or "See you at home."  

"House" seems to be used more frequently.  After all it was the "housing crisis," not the "home crisis".  And the name of this website it is "Blake's Tiny House."

Well, I am off on an tangent.  But, perhaps that is appropriate, given that Bill Bryson is constantly jumping around in this book.  

In At Home, Bryson, who also authored  A Brief History of Nearly Everything, offers the history of the house.  Specifically, his small stone home in England that was built in the mid-1800s.  Although his Victorian vicarage differs from the residence of most people, it does not really matter because, as stated earlier, Bryson switches topic a lot.  He reminds us that the house---which started as the simple one room hall---has over time, been molded into something much more complicated and cluttered.  I think the modern complexity of houses, is good to keep in mind while working on a tiny house.

At Home is not a dull, dry historical tome, but a quirky book with facts and stories that are funny, unique and interesting.  Of particular note, is the section dealing with the impact of artificial light.  After reading it, I am sure no one would willingly return to the days of the single candle.

Sections of At Home can be found at Google Books.  NPR also has an interview with BIll Bryson.

Tell us where we should take the Tiny House. We are planning a journey that takes us to builder shows/conferences, RV shows, or general festivals/fairs.  Home base will be in the Bolder/Denver/Longmont area and we only have 7-8 days to do the tour. We are looking to tour in June or early July. Where do you want us to go? Comment below. 

Here at Blake's Tiny House, we live in areas with cold climates and understand how important it is to have a good building envelope.  Unfortunately, many of the traditional insulation products are made from some very unpleasant and often toxic chemicals.  

While looking about for some other options, we have come across Greensulate by Ecovative, a very interesting insulation product grown from rice hulls, cotton and fungus. 

For more information, take a look at this article from Time and a video from the always interesting TED talks

Taking the feedback we have received with our four initial designs, Lance and Alex have developed two exciting new designs.  Come take a look!

We have also made the SketchUp files available for download.  Please feel free to modify and have fun with them.  When you have come up with that pièce de résistance, send it to us and we will post your contributions on the site.

We are impressed. Watch this Tiny House creator and be inspired.
Blake here.  Right now at Blake’s Tiny House we are catching up on work and life following the holidays, so we are a bit behind schedule.   We have been very pleased with all the comments, suggestions and other feedback we have receive on the preliminary designs we have posted.  Thank you!  Many people have voted on the designs with Lance’s concept being the favorite.

Over the coming days and weeks we will be moving into design development.  That means stepping back, reviewing and analyzing the feedback we have received and coming up with one or two or more designs that are more detailed, refined and responsive to real world specifics.

Roles will be shifting a little bit.  I will be assuming more of client and critic role.  Sarah will be handling media inquiries.  Lance and Alex of F9 Productions will be taking a project management role, keeping us on task.  All of us will be participating in the upcoming design development, as well as product and materials research. 

We will all be blogging with a more regular posting schedule.  Other plans include:

- a website reorganization that is easier to use

- monthly newsletter, summarizing what has been happening at Blake’s Tiny House

- if we get really ambitious, a podcast

Thank you for visiting and please stop by regularly and often.  We appreciate all the comments.  If you have ideas for something you would like to see or suggestions about anything please let us know.  Honestly, we have really learned a lot from everyone.   

 We are excited about the New Year and what it has to offer.