A couple months ago Blake's Tiny house started to get back on track. I decided on creating a flip up portion of the home in order to add a shading element. The structure will now be aluminum framed. The exterior will be a embossed or textured metal panel. Like the ones Dri-design makes (http://www.dri-design.com/products/embossed). Readers let me know if there is a similar manufacture in Colorado. Lastly there is a new pull out table under the stairs. 

I was and still am planning to build this summer. But last month I broke my fibula and tibia. I snapped though both of them cleanly playing basketball. 
That being said, the show must go on. We are supper swamped with work at F9 Productions, but I am still committed to building this baby! Healing is going well and next Tuesday (4/16/2013) I will have an updated from the Doc.!


04/24/2013 11:39pm

What happened to this project exactly? I'm extremely interested in it, but there is a massive break in time that I don't understand. Can someone inform me?

06/20/2013 4:40pm

Good luck on the leg. Tried Sketch up but am over the legal age limit and it was too smart for me. So at last resort did a facebook page to give away my Ideas: 4Fathoms Designs.....prolly won't live long enough to figure out how to blog.


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