While stumbling my way through the internet, I came across this list of "space saving" chairs from This Old House.

The list is diverse, with some unique designs as well as old favorites (such as the Papton chair, shown at left, made from a single piece of card folded cardboard).

The practicality of some designs is questionable and most likely none of them will end up in Blake's Tiny House, but it is certainly fun to take a look.



02/20/2011 1:50pm


I have always liked staircase drawers. I found a piece of furniture like the one pictured in the link at World Market many years ago, I regret not buying it.

02/22/2011 6:14pm

Awesome, Meg. space beneath stairs can be kind of a waste so it can be a good place to put storage ....I like how this is a piece of furniture... and vintage!


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