Taking the feedback we have received with our four initial designs, Lance and Alex have developed two exciting new designs.  Come take a look!

We have also made the SketchUp files available for download.  Please feel free to modify and have fun with them.  When you have come up with that pièce de résistance, send it to us and we will post your contributions on the site.



01/30/2011 2:36pm

I have enjoyed looking at your designs.

Have you considered putting an awning on the deck? It could increase the usable sheltered space.
Disadvantage: Awnings sometimes really look hokey to me, perhaps it would make the tiny house look too much like a camping trailer.

What about the windows in terms of letting light in, security, and privacy (?need shades). Shades are nice for privacy, however, in small spaces their storage can take up a lot of room and reduce the amount of light that can come in when you want it to.

02/01/2011 10:47am

I am a perfectionist and have noticed that in nearly all Tiny House designs, the plumbing and electrical is an after-thought.

There is no real reason to run pipes in the sub-floor from the rear of the trailer to the front, as they would be hard to repair if needed, so many just run the water and electrical out “where ever it is convenient”. This leads me to base all of my designs with the Plumbing and Electrical all coming out close to the bottom of the house, at the center/front of the trailer. In the “Triangle”, thus it is very easy to build a makeshift “fence” if you will to conceal the utility connections.

I see how your design is open, and based on a fold down wall, but the Water is for sure at the rear.

As I have wired and plumbed, and re-wired and re-plumbed numerous mistakes in regular homes and shops, it seems no one takes into account the egress of these utilities and actually plans for them up front.

02/13/2011 1:11am

Very innovative designs! The pop-out and fold-down ideas reminded me of this project...


07/20/2011 11:02am

These designs do not accommodate the elderly.

Rather than a lofted bed, try a sofabed with underbed storage baskets for wardrobe and kitchen items.

A sofabed may be all that is needed to sleep, sit, lounge, dine, study, entertain, etc.

An entry door near a kitchen counter would be convenient when grocery shopping.

A single kitchen cupboard, such as under the kitchen sink, may be all that is needed to store a portable stovetop, stackable pans/dishes and weekly dry goods.

Store pans/dishes in a dishwasher. Use an under-counter washer/dryer as a hamper.

I like a lot of windows, such as over the entire kitchen counter or to have a view while sitting on the couch.

Where are the bathrooms?

04/18/2012 11:49pm

Very interesting design in a less space. It is very useful when making new home.

09/03/2013 4:31am

Hey, nice designs man! Actually Google Sketchup is one of the best free utilities out there which can easily be used for the designing purposes. And one plus point is that, its real simple! Thanks for making the files available for download!


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